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Teacher's role in Students' Internet Safety

Follow MeDo we know what our students are really doing online?

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Many of us have noticed the children playing games, snapping selfies, and messaging each other at various times throughout the day. It’s easy to imagine they are having fun and engaging in harmless activities. However, a recent . . . → Read More: Teacher’s Role in Students’ Internet Safety

Recent Developments in Gaming and Education

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Parents and educators who are on the lookout for new and innovative tech that can help children and students learn will definitely approve of recent advancements in the gaming industry. Some of the latest research shows promising developments in harnessing the popular, fun and interactive format of video games to assist with education.

. . . → Read More: Recent Developments in Gaming and Education

Encouraging Creative Writing

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Creative writing can be a powerful tool to help children develop English skills. As with any project, perfection comes from the repeated actions of performing a specific task. In other words, “practice makes perfect.” This method can do more for a child than simply give him . . . → Read More: Encouraging Creative Writing: Practice Makes Perfect

Top 5 Necessary Teacher Downloads

As educators adopt the technological teaching approach, they are also reaping the benefits of having bountiful resources right at their fingertips. With ebooks around, literature teachers as well as their students are presented with thousands of resources available at their fingertips. In this article, we will discuss five important digital tools that every literary educator should possess. . . . → Read More: Top 5 Necessary Teacher Downloads

Fantastic Online Tools for Teachers

There are numerous tools online that can be useful to teachers, but there are so many it’s hard to choose! Here are five tools that are sure to support your classroom teaching and management. . . . → Read More: Fantastic Online Tools for Teachers

Top Modern Classics to Teach

Old books are great. They’re full of rich history with long-forgotten perspectives, and they can be read in public to intellectually intimidate everyone sitting near you on the bus. It should come as no surprise, then, that old books are often the focus of literature classes. In fact, many lit teachers might be surprised to learn that books are actually still being written every year, and that many of those new books are actually quiet good. If you’re ready to come up from an ocean of Twain and Bronte for a breath of fresh air, you should consider adding these modern classics to your syllabus. . . . → Read More: Top Modern Day Classics You Should Teach to Your Lit Class

Fun Tools Keep Students' Attention

As a teacher I am sure you are well aware of how difficult it can be to keep students engaged and to ensure they are paying attention to the lesson being taught. A great way to motivate your students is to use teaching tools that are fun and interactive. There are many different resources available for teachers to use that can make the world of a difference when trying to engage your students. Some of these fun teaching tools for classroom online teaching tools education tools for classroom lesson plans for classrooms can include stickers, charts, stamps and various creative decorations. . . . → Read More: Engaging Students with Fun Teaching Tools that Keep Their Attention

Mind Mapping for Students

The use of mind mapping to plan your lessons and create assignments for your class can enhance your method of teaching as well as your students’ learning experience. Mind mapping is a technique that uses a diagram to map out information in a visual manner. There is a main category in the center of the map that branches out into subcategories in a hierarchical form. With the use of certain keywords, symbols and colors, a mind map helps to relate information together by grouping concepts. There are a variety of ways to introduce mind mapping into the classroom. . . . → Read More: How Teachers Can Use Mind Mapping For Their Students

Copyright 101 - #1 How We Got Here

Copyright laws were initially passed to create a balance between creator rights and the public good in regards to copying Intellectual Property (IP). Now, however, we are engulfed in a tangled mess in regards to copyright issues today because copyright issues have become significantly more complicated with the development of the new communication medium of the Internet. This article begins with exploring the background and how we have progressed to the current situation. . . . → Read More: Copyright 101 – #1 How We Got Here

Teachers are Heroes Infographic

Infographics have become quite common in the digital age as a sense-making activity. Here is one example of a great infographic. Next time you are planning a lesson, ask yourself if your students could culminate their research in a meaningful infographic. It’s muti-modal and fun! . . . → Read More: Teachers are Heroes Infographic