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100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future – A listing of the ‘top’ blogs for teachers of the future according to UVic.

A Rubric for Evaluating Student Blogs – A listing of the ‘top’ blogs in education.

Top 100 Education Blogs – A professor’s perspective on how to use blogs in university classroom practice which could be applied to the elementary or secondary classroom; a rubric is included.

What You Wanted to KNOW About Student Blogging – A comprehensive article about the use of blogging in the classroom.


100 Interesting Ways – An online collaborative effort to compile the uses of the following: interactive whiteboards, Google Earth, Google Docs, and Pocket Video Camera.

32 Interesting Ways to Use Padlet (Wall Wisher) in the Classroom – A Google Docs embedded presentation.

Digital Learning Farm: Students as Collaborators – A blog article on November Learning about giving students real-life like responsibilities in class.

The Net Generation is the smartest: Don Tapscott – An article about how the Net Generation is quite smart, but we are not allowing them to practice their strengths.

Technology News Wiki – A Wikispace that lists numerous technology news sources and other online tools.


How to Create Linked Gmail Accounts for a Class – A video tutorial showing how to create individual emails for your students that are attached to your ‘parent’ Gmail account.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction Live Binder – A shared live binder of websites about differentiated instruction.

Flip Cameras

Ideas for using Flip Cameras in Your Classroom – List of ideas for using these inexpensive and easy to use cameras in the classroom.


10 Things All Teachers Should Know How to Do – List of computer skills that all teachers should have according to an IT specialist.

100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future – List of blogs that are the best of the best in Education.

Brainpop Educators Blog – A blog about the popular Brainpop educational resource.

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen by You – Edudemic article that was generated based on Twitter PLN responses.


100+ Google Tricks that Will Save You Time in School – Webpage that lists uses of Google applications that are useful in school.

100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator – Outlines how the numerous Google applications can be used with students.

Google Apps for Educators – Learn about Google Apps for Educators here.

Google Apps – The Educator’s E-asy Button – Learning Today blog entry about the many educator uses of Google applications.

Google Cheat Sheet – Poster chart of Google applications, domain names and company information.

Google in Education – A Google site that offers support on how to use various aspects of Google for educational purposes.

Google Tools for Schools Boot Camp – A Google certified teacher, Jennifer Dorman, provides a great deal of teaching on the many uses of Google online collaborative tools.

How to Do Everything with Google Tools – Comprehensive e-book with a very detailed table of contents.


A 21st Century Education Documentary Film Series – Twelve profiles of innovative educators.

Open Thinking Wiki – Various resources compiled by Dr. Alec Couros related to social media, social networking, and 21st Century learning.


50 Educational Apps for iPods – Applications for the iPod which are educational and could be utilized in class.

Online Communication

ePals Global Community – A site for communicating with classes around the world to collaborate on projects, etc.


6 Traditional and Non-Traditional Alternatives to PowerPoint for student presentations – Article outlining some other presentation generator choices that are free.

Maniactive – Blog all about presentations.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Prezi in the Classroom – Google Docs slide show on this topic.

What is Prezi? – Two videos that introduce you to Prezi and how it works.

Screen Recorders

Camtasia – Originally a Mac program, it’s now available for Windows. It’s a paid program for screen capturing that allows you to make polished videos. Free trial available.

Freecorder 4 – Screen recording tool with pause/record and automatic silence elimination. (Can save a Skype conversation as an MP3).

i-Sound Recorder – Records streamed WMP and MP3; and microphone sound. Trial, then purchase.

Jing – Record short video of your own voice and what is displayed on your screen. Free version with limits or a paid full version.

KishKish – Call recorder, answering machine, stress detector and forwarder. (Developed primarily for Skype).

MixCast Live – Record your own podcasts. (Can record a Skype conversation). Trial download.

Screenr – A FREE web-based recorder designed for sharing on Twitter that will play anywhere online.

Total Recorder – Record anything. No trial. Paid product.


50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom – Blog about the many ways that Skype could be used effectively in the classroom.

Comprehensive Guide to Using Skype in the Classroom – The title says it all!

Skype an Author Network – Find authors who are willing to Skype your class.

Skype for Educators – Connecting educators with persons of expertise. Find classes to connect with online.

Skype in Schools – PB Works work space resource for teachers: resources and directories for connecting with others who would like to connect their classes using Skype.

Skype in the Classroom (Official) – A FREE directory to connect teachers and help enrich the learning experiences of students.

Skype Jobs for Students – Langwitches Blog that outlines an effective way of giving students roles for classroom Skype connecting.

Skype Other Classrooms – Specific class information for other teachers to connect with around the world using Skype.

Using Skype at School – Article on the For Dummies site explaining how to use Skype.


Call Burner – Record Skype calls to MP3 or WAV. 30 day trial.

Hot Recorder – Record, play and store all kinds of online voice communications. Free trial.

Pamela for Skype – App that allows recording of Skype calls, audio and video, and an answering machine. There are free options and greater functionality with upgrade.

Pretty May – Call record, answering machine, etc. 15 day free trial.

PowerGramo – Record Skype calls, music share, text to speech reader and answering machine. Free with optional upgrade.

Skylook – An app that coordinates your Outlook with Skype, enabling you to record and save your Skype session to an MP3 that is archived in your Outlook. 14 day trial.


Ten Ways to Get Smart With SMARTboard – A list of ten ways to use the SMARTboard in the classroom.


10 Things All Teachers Should Know How to Do – A list of basic computer skills that every modern educator should know how to do.

Web 2.0 & Other Resources for Use in ICT Classes – A list of resources compiled by Peter Vogel that he’s used/tried in his own ICT courses in Vancouver, BC.


100 Ways to Teach with Twitter – Compilation of links and resources that collectively contain over 100 ideas for teaching with Twitter.

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom – Educational and fun ways to use Twitter in the college classroom.

A Framework for teaching with Twitter – A graphic organizer on how to teach with Twitter depending on purpose.

Canadian Educators on Twitter – Google document created collaboratively on Twitter that contains over 300 Twitter IDs for Canadian educators.

How One Teacher Uses Twitter in the Classroom – A story about one teacher.

Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter – An article about teaching with Twitter in a lecture setting.

Thirty Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom – An embedded presentation of different ways to use Twitter for teaching and learning.

Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher – Blog article that categories and lists all kinds of Twitter tools for teachers.

Twitter for Academia – Ideas for using Twitter for educational purposes.

Twitter Search – Search topics and keywords to see what people are saying on Twitter.

Using Twitter in the Classroom – Explanation of the basics of Twitter with a video titled “Twitter in Plain English”.


43 Surprising Ways to Use Video Cameras in the Classroom – An article.

Making Videos on the Web: A Guide for Teachers – Which free online tools to use and how to use them.

18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials – Learn about numerous screencasting options that are available for free.

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